Friday, June 16, 2006

First Post

Hi, welcome to yet another new blog. This one devoted to gardening. See, I do not have a very green thumb, but I have tried really hard to create my own garden. Everything was nice up until winter. Being from a desert climate, the concept of frost really was foreign to me. I knew what it was, that it could kill plants, and that plants should be covered during frost. That should have been enough, but it wasnt. Frosts came suddenly, and I never seemed to have the plants covered when they should be, or I'd forget to cover them, etc. With the exception of my Parsley, most of the garden was lost to frost during this last winter. Including a beautiful hanging basket just full of gorgeous orange flowers. I was heartbroken when it died.

Slowly, my garden is coming back. And I have vowed not to let it die again.

I was shocked to see pansies everywhere in March- my initial pansies were planted in a bad place, and were killed off relatively quickly due to foot traffic, the frost killed any that were left. But, apparently they seeded a good portion of our yard first and I now have tons of these pretty flowers. My pride and joy, a beautiful plant with gorgeous green and white leaves, pink flowers and an amazing smell, did well throughout most of the winter. In January, however a bad frost got to it, and killed all save one branch. This one branch has done so well though. With leaves all over it, the plant is really starting to come back. I hope I'll get some flowers this summer, but I'm really just happy it's still alive. Hopefully it will come back fully and to it's glory...

We planted potatoes last year, and after a few months, I dug up a few nice ones, and thought that was that. Not so! In April, 4 stalks came up and they are doing fantastic. Hopefully in September we'll have nice big lovely potatoes.

Recently my daughter grew a green bean plant at school, and it flourished. She brought it home and we transferred it to a bigger pot, where it continued to grow. When a new plant came up beside it, we decided to transfer it to a bigger pot. There it grew and grew and our first green bean grew. It was huge! My daughter was so happy and proud.

When fear of frost had passed we planted it outside. I tied it to a stake and watered it, and was very watchful. Within 3 days the stalk had turned black and limp and it died soon after. I don't know why the plant died, and I feel horribly guilty. So, this weekend I'm going to take her to the local garden store and get some grow bags and some tomato plants, and we are going to grow some tomatoes!! Wish us luck- I can't kill two of her plants can I?!

I'll post some pictures of my garden, next time. I need to pull up the grass and weeds first!

See you soon!